• 2008-11-14

    MacGyver Tries iPod Speakers 扬声器 - [设计快讯]



    With all the hot-to-trot conceptual design work out there, it takes quite a person to just sit back and kick out the jams on a speaker set like this. Presenting the iPod Ghetto Accessory. iPod with classic earbuds, two toothpicks, no girls, and four cups. What else could a person ask for?

    Designer Dmitry Zagga pokes fun at the concept of product design

    This is a fun project. Four single-serving paper cups, two tooth picks (for holding cups together) + iPod with classic earbuds. The increase in volume, of coarse, is radiculous, but hey, you get stylish iPod accessory out of nothing!

    Can we trust a person who totally just MacGyvers up a speaker system out of cups and toothpics? Yes. Yes we can.

    Designer: Dmitry Zagga